Problem updating avast antivirus

for years I used to recommend it when asked without hesitation but recent developments are getting me to consider alternatives.

It still works well and provides excellent protection BUT the software is getting more like Ad Ware by the week with ever increasing pop-ups nagging you to upgrade or buy something else add to that the inclusion of a new browser that it don't want and didn't ask for and the irritations are piling up. I disabled the full browser scan or "lookout", cause it slows down my Firefox and Chrome every time!

Luckily, Windows users have many free antivirus programs to choose from.Avast antivirus support executives, available on avast customer service telephone number, are always available to help their customers to run their system without any interruption.There are several threats which can crash your system.Avast provides their services to more than hundred million users.Avast checks and detects anything nasty like viruses, malware, ransom-ware, ads, tracking, and outdated software as well.

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