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I am really pleased that my mum let it be my own decision, as it feels like something that is mine and wasn’t fobbed off on me. Thank you for posting this article, it has reaffirmed the decision I made for my children as well.

I am the only Vegan in my household and I had at one point tried to get my daughters on the same, however, they started to complain and said that they really like meat and wanted it and cheese back in their diet.

I think that is totally the right attitude, I feel EXACTLY the same way.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if my husband had the same diet, but not fair of me to change who he is! I cook 100% vegan food, but like you, at birthday parties and grandmas and grandpas etc.

“Definitely lived on the edge, but he was responsible, he went to work, came home,” said Alissa Underwood. For that reason Kennedy was only charged with a misdemeanor count of supplying alcohol to a minor.It is day 7 since the wedding from Christendom's hell. Not because my youngest son married a girl our family has known since she was 13 years old, but because what was once a sweet happy girl is now a sullen, complaining, unhappy, depressed, mean acting, spoiled rotten young woman.And the thing is...knows this, her mother knows this and even my son knows this. No, but I do express my opinion if it is something that is unthoughtful or unkind to me.they eat what is served and I am okay with that and will also let them come to their own conclusion.Thank you for publishing my stance exactly and I really hope you dont get any flack from anyone, Also. I just tell people I am plant-based as I continue to have local honey as I believe it helps with my severe seasonal allergies.

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