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To maximize the performance of dynamic volume, you may use Disk Management which provides some useful features.However, when the volume which contains your Operating System is out of space and you need to extend this volume to make sure the Operating System can work normally, you may find that Disk Management doesn't allow you to extend system volume.I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that yesterday suddenly switched itself off (battery power of over 70%) it then constantly tried to start itself, shut itself down again, in a never ending loop.I took out the battery and then it worked for a short time and the it all started again. Kind regards Sofia Just to add further debate to your article, after contacting Samsung Support Australia, and having read several forums concerning the issue, I was able to confirm the problem primarily arises to due to a swollen battery.

Boot using setup disc and DO NOT click on "Install now" button.is a freeware toolkit that helps you to recover deleted and damaged logical drives and partitions within DOS, Windows, Win PE (recovery boot disk) & Linux (recovery Live CD) environments.Simple Quick Scan easily detects and recovers recently deleted partitions, as long as they were not formatted / overwritten to after deletion.Ease US Partition Master can free copy dynamic volume to unallocated space on basic disk or convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely.And you can repartition/resize Dynamic Disk on this basic disk easily.

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