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People experience repeated incidents and problems of intimidation and harassment day after day.

In some cases, the victim and the perpetrator live close to each other, often as neighbours.

You might be able to resolve your differences with your neighbour by talking calmly about the issues or using mediation services.

If this doesn't work your landlord may be able to help you deal with the problem.

West Midlands Police has moved to reassure parents their young children would not face Asbos.

Supt Kevin Doyle said the letter was ‘a general reminder’ and ‘not aimed at any family in particular’.

If the Housing Executive accepts that you've been intimidated and believe you're at risk of death or serious injury if you continue living in your home you might be entitled to financial help as well as help finding a new home.

The Noise Act 1996 gives the council the powers to order neighbours to cease their noisy exploits immediately.Forum Members will do all they can to support and guide you and lend a sympathetic ear.At the first sign of any trouble from your neighbour or members or the local community, no matter how petty it might seem, always start a diary of all incidents, times and dates – make this as detailed as you can.Children as young as three have been sent warning letters from police for playing outside their homes – raising fears of antisocial behaviour penalties.One girl’s parents were shocked to hear their neighbours had complained about ‘intimidating behaviour’.

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