Validating web

When working with web parts, users can configure them to meet their needs using their properties.By validating the provided configuration values you can make it easier for users to configure the web part and improve the overall user experience of working with your web part.Ofni Systems can validate all of your web-based applications and pages and develop the appropriate documentation for all phases of the software life cycle.We can provide any level of service required, from executing test scripts generated from your existing specifications to writing the entire validation package. Functional Requirements describe what actions the web application must be able to perform.Search vehicles like Google help students, teachers, and business people access a mind-boggling amount of information.Yet, (as with every great concept) a significant threat exists to the freedom of information - misinformation, hoaxes, and outright lies.Ofni Systems validation specialists have experience meeting these challenges, working within the compliance requirements of established regulated companies.

Information that was previously confined to libraries and university research labs is now freely (usually) available on the Internet.Ofni Systems uses proprietary tools to analyze the web application to create comprehensive design specifications.Design specifications include: Step 3: Develop and Execute Test Plans.Ofni Systems will perform risk assessments to focus the validation effort on the most appropriate sections of your system. This includes: Step 2: Document design requirements.Design Requirements describe how the application accomplishes the functional requirements.

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